West Coast Trail

By far one of the most scenic of all the hiking and backpacking trails on Vancouver Island, the West Coast trail is something you must do if you are traveling here to go backpacking. You can start the West Coast Trail from either Port Renfrew (South end) or from Bamfield/Pachena Bay (North end). Once you have finished your journey you will need to be picked up by car/truck and driven to your next destination. You can start from either end of the trail, the north or the south. The hike is a little easier if you start from the north as the geography/topography is not so demanding. When you are just starting off with a full pack, it makes the journey a little easier. If you come from the south the topography is a little more demanding at the start. Most backpackers tend to start from Bamfield/Pachena Bay. However, Port Renfrew is just as good.

The trail has a mix of inclines, ladders, and switchbacks. There are lots of access points to the beach. Count on being rained on, so bring good rain gear for your hike. The average time it takes to hike this trail is between 5-8 days depending on your pace. The scenery is breathtaking so do not rush. The West Coast Trail is ranked as one of the top ten hikes in all of North America. When hiking the trails on Vancouver Island, remember to look down to see if there are any bear, cougar, or deer tracks on the ground below to see if they have passed through the trail recently. There are also lots of deer on the trail. You should be in good physical condition to hike this rail. There are over 100 ladders you must climb some with more than 100 steps/rungs. Climbing ladders with a backpack can be very exhausting, so be prepared physically.

*We can pick you up and drop you off at either end and drive you to your next destination. Please refer to our schedule.