Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your cellphone will work for about the first twenty or so kilometers of the West Coast Trail if you depart from the Port Renfrew starting point as you are very close to the United States. However, if you depart from Pachena bay, it is unlikely to work. We are not aware of any new cell towers that have been built near the trail. Your cellphone will work on the Juan De Fuca trail. If you are in Cape Scott, your, cellphone will not work.

  • You will not be charged for cancelling your reservation if you cancel with at least ten (10) days notice. you must give us ten days notice.

  • Do not panic. You will need to call us so we can make arrangements to come back and get you as soon as possible. It is possible that we might be able to come back the very same day. If not, we will definitely make certain that we pick you up the very next day. Make certain that you keep our telephone number with you at all times. Our number is printed on your bus ticket. Again, it is: 250-710-4679.