Juan de Fuca Trail

There are two starting points to the Juan De Fuca trail. One is from the South end through China Beach, which is the closest destination to Victoria. And the other is from the North through Botanical Beach which is located in Port Renfrew, very close to the starting point of the West Coast Trail. Many people who travel here to Vancouver Island to go backpacking like to do the West Coast Trail and then do the Juan De Fuca Trail or the opposite, Juan deFuca Trail and then the West Coast Trail. The trail is not very demanding. There are some minor hills and several switchbacks on the trail, but it is not a difficult trail to hike.

There are plenty of access points to the beach. Remember you are on the West Coast so be prepared as it will likely rain. The trail is very picturesque. There are lots of small creeks and rivers for you to gather water. Remember to watch the ground for animal tracks. I have seen many black bears, deer, and even wolves, but I have never seen a cougar. They are very reclusive animals. People say, “If you have seen cougar tracks in the forest, it is very likely the cougar has seen you. You need not worry about wildlife. Always keep your distance. Enjoy them from a distance and you should not have any problems. We pick up and drop off at both locations. The average time to finish the trail is about 5 days, 3 if you rush. But why rush?